Outdoor Classroom

for homeschooling families

PLEASE NOTE: Thursday's sessions for the fall semester

of Camp Trinity's Outdoor Classroom are full.

Registration is open for Wednesday classes only.

Every year more parents choose to school their children at home. It can be a daunting task.

That's where the Outdoor Classroom comes in.


Homeschooling families generally have little difficulty covering the core subjects (reading, math, language arts), but sometimes they can use a little help with other parts of the curriculum (science, history, geography and fine arts).

Camp Trinity introduced the Outdoor Classroom in fall 2020 to assist homeschooling families with disciplines outside the basic curriculum. The Outdoor Classroom has included sessions on wildlife flora and fauna, history, wilderness survival, physical and cultural geography, mountain music, sculpture, drawing, photography, archeology, botany, engineering, and orienteering. Classes are taught by Camp Trinity staff and guest presenters.

Because of the number of early registrations for the fall 2022 semester, Camp Trinity has added a second option. Courses will be taught not only on Thursday but on Wednesday as well.

Families can choose when to participate and pay just for the classes they attend or they can sign up for the entire 10-week semester at a steep discount (prices below). Those who sign up for the semester are not required to attend every session but can attend only the classes of most interest.

The sessions are for school-aged children (6-18). Depending on the subject, participants may be divided into groups by age.


Classes for fall 2022 are still in development. The tentative schedule of courses is below, with details to follow. Classes are subject to change as scheduling conflicts arise for guest speakers:

Sept. 21/22: Natural Wonders

See, touch and learn to identify pedestal rocks, cliffs, caves & rock shelters, turtle rocks, carpet rocks, canyons, hollows, waterfalls, glades and more on the trail at Petit Jean State Park. ​

Sept. 28/29: Children at Play

Learn traditional games that your parents and grandparents played: sack races, tug-of-war, fetch the bacon, capture the flag and more.

Oct. 5/6: Pictures of the Past

See ancient pictographs (cave paintings) and petroglyphs (rock carvings), then create your own pictographs using primitive tools and materials.

Oct. 12/13: All Creatures Great & Small

See, touch and learn about domesticated animals: horses, sheep, goats, cattle, chickens and even a few exotic species.

Oct. 19/20: On the Water

Learn about boats and buoyancy, see different kinds of boats and learn about their purpose, then build your own boat and test it on the water.

Oct. 26/27: Pioneering Skills

Construct structures and furniture using logs and rope. Then try axe throwing at the archery range just for fun.

Nov. 2/3: Predators & Prey

Learn about Arkansas's most feared mammals and the creatures that most fear them. An Arkansas Game & Fish Commission officer will give the scary details. 

Nov. 9/10: Wilderness Survival

What do you do if you get lost in the wild? Students will learn how to find water, shelter and food; tell directions and identify landmarks; practice safety and learn basic first aid.

Nov. 16/17: Focus on Photography

Learn a few simple design principles to help you capture striking images with your camera. 

Nov. 30/Dec. 1: Christmas Around the World

Learn how people around the world celebrate the birth of Christ, and then celebrate together with holiday treats of an international flavor.

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Homeschooling families as well as students from school classrooms attending will need to bring their own lunches and water bottles. Children should wear sturdy shoes and clothes they can get dirty. They may also need raincoats, binoculars, flashlights, gloves or compasses, depending on the session and weather. Families may also need to bring facemarks for use off-site.


The cost for a single session is $25 for the first child from each family, $10 for each additional child from the same family.

The cost for the entire semester is $125 for the first child from each family (half price), $50 for each additional child from the same family (half price).


Families are invited to stay overnight in cabins, tents or RVs and enjoy other activities at Camp Trinity: canoeing, fishing, archery, disc golf, softball or kickball, gaga ball, basketball, sand volleyball, ping pong, foosball, cornhole, horseshoes, campfires and board games. Lodging fees are modest.