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Camp Trinity depends on donations from friends of the camp for operations. If you have gently used but still functional items you no longer need and think the camp could use, please give us a call at 501-652-6304. Specific items the camp is seeking are listed below. We also welcome donations of cash designated for the items on the list. Prices for new purchases are listed for most items. The Lutheran Camp is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and donations are tax-deductible.



Camp pickup truck

(2016 or newer; 125,000 miles or fewer)


8-place canoe trailer          $3,000


For Retreat Lodge (new or new condition, please)

    6 nightstands

    6 small, sturdy table lamps for sleeping rooms

    30 twin-size quilts


Sleeper sofa for Family Cabin (new or new condition)

Folding 8-foot tables          $100 (seeking 8)

Softball gloves                   $?   (seeking 9)




Cabin renovations

New, larger dining hall

Additional youth cabins

Road bridge over Rocky Branch Creek


Playground equipment 


*If you would like to join us in the camp mission by funding a capital project now or in the future, please contact Camp Trinity Director David Cox: 501-652-6304 or




Deck & Porch Lumber for Manager's home (Pinecrest Lumber & Anonymous)

Microwave Oven (Greg & Debbie Schalk)

Sofa & Loveseat (Tim & Jeanne Trawick)

Crushed stone for camp roads (Matt & Casey Bolte)


Leather-look sofa for retreat lodge (Carolyn Foster)

10 deck chairs (Heidi Cox)

Electronic keyboard (Lee Kelm)

Tires for camp shuttle bus (Aaron & Maggie Davis)

25 hand-thrown pottery mugs with camp logo (Dale & Liane Maddox)

5 12-foot folding cafeteria tables for dining hall (Christ Little Rock)

2 pallets of Bermuda sod (Kevin West, Petit Jean Valley Landscape Supply)

2 wicker swivel rockers and table for retreat lodge deck

cedar rocking chairs & 2 tables for lodge porch (Heath & Nikki Cummings)

Library table (Gina Sellers)


15-passenger shuttle bus (Peace Lutheran Church, Conway)

Golf Cart (Ed & Ellen Wiesehan)

For Retreat Lodge

    Refrigerator (Matt & Casey Bolte)

    Range (Matt & Casey Bolte)

    Washer & Dryer (Scott & Roberta Wiesehan)

    Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher, Sofa (Kirby & Christine Erickson)

    Big-screen TV (Geoff David & Erin Cox)

    Wall art (Annie Rozivka)

    Three original paintings, print (Nancy Fitts)

Homemade Christmas & Easter banners (Our Savior Lutheran Church, Cabot)

Banner for Trinity Chapel (Zion Lutheran Church, Augsburg)

Sofa (Zack and Lindsey Dayer)

Upright freezer (Wendy Lincoln)

Yamaha P120 electronic keyboard (Matthew Nix)

Keyboard -- electronic insert for pump organ (Lee Kelm


5 air conditioner window units for cabins (Beth & Richard Wells)

Canoe, paddles (Colten Highley)

2 sets of aluminum bleachers (Edward Wiesehan family, memorial gift)

Hymn board, bulletins, communion cup carrier, candle lighter (Peace Lutheran Church, Mt Home)

Pottery communion ware (Darrell Kobs)

2 picnic tables (anonymous)

For Retreat Lodge:

    Framing lumber, 800 boards (Green Bay, Carrie Tallant)

    Shingles for roof (GAC, Kirby Erickson)

    Ice Machine (Henry & Kay Jones)

    50 pottery mugs with Camp Trinity logo (Dale & Liane Maddox)

1990 Chevy pickup truck (Paul Easterday)

Six-burner commercial gas range (Our Savior Lutheran Church, Cabot)

101 padded, upholstered stacking chairs (Peace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home)

Two chair dollies (Peace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home)

Wooden altar with carved Bible verse (Peace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home)

Two folding tables (Peace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home)

20 hymnals (Peace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home)
American, Christian flags, flagpoles, stands (Peace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home)

Oversize armless chair (Dale & Liane Maddox)

Two kitchen stools (Dale & Liane Maddox)

Loveseat (Ken & June Andrews)

Canoe (Scott & Roberta Wiesehan)


80 stacking chairs with racks for dining hall (Erin Cox & Geoff David)

34 bunk mattresses (Erin Cox & Geoff David)

Loveseat (Dale & Liane Maddox)

5 bunk mattresses (Wendy Lincoln)

Antique lectern from historic church (Dr. David and Mary Sue Stearns)

150 handsewn face masks for children & youth (Karen Littrell)

First aid supplies (Lin Carnahan)

Commercial reach-in freezer (Jean Gregersen, Greg & Debbie Schalk, Travis & Velleta Scott)

Echo 20-inch chain saw (Heidi Cox)

Kayak & paddle (Rod Riggs)

Canoe (Scott & Roberta Wiesehan)

80 Bibles (Travis & Velleta Scott)

Pair of crutches (Travis & Velleta Scott)

9-square game (Peace Lutheran Church, Conway)

Office chair (Lauren Drittler Robertson)

Child's sleeping bag (Lauren Drittler Robertson)

7 fishing rods, 3 reels (Debbie Schalk)

3 bows, 8 arrows (Debbie Schalk)

14 new windows (Elizabeth Giovannini & Ruth Ettman)


1991 GMC 72-passenger school bus: Clayton Jones

4 archery target faces: Debra Leach

120 hymnals, white altar paraments: Zion Lutheran Church, Augsburg, Ark.

Sound equipment (mixer, speakers, etc.) St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Paducah, Ky.) Endowment

5 microphones, stands, chords: Arkansas Lutheran Youth Leaders

Horseshoe pit timbers: Mike Avey

Landscaping stones: Mike Vance

Garden tiller: Billy Vance

Bunk mattress: Gina Sellers

Life vests: Deborah Leach

Board games: Jenny Sims

Board games: Frances Bacic

4 softball gloves: Peace Lutheran Church

2 Foosball tables: Christ Little Rock

Ping pong table: Zachery Sanders

2 disc golf baskets: Scott & Roberta Wiesehan

Gaga ball pit: First Lutheran School, Fort Smith

40 Railroad ties: Jim Barlow

Indoor volleyball poles, net: Christ Lutheran School

2 portable basketball goals: Christ Lutheran School

2 6'x40' mats: Christ Little Rock

Projector: Arkansas Lutheran Youth Leaders



30 walking sticks: Edward Wiesehan, Scott Wiesehan

20 bunk mattresses: Erin Cox & Geoff David

2 floodlights with stands: Arkansas Lutheran Youth Leaders

Pickleball net, paddles, balls: Lisa Highley

Pallet of landscaping stones: Billy & Ann Vance

4 large stock pots with lids: Ann Shaw

10 fishing rods & reels: Kirby and Christine Erickson

Tackle boxes: Kirby and Christine Erickson

5 fishing rods & reels: Scott & Berta Wiesehan

Tackle boxes loaded with fishing tackle: Scott & Berta Wiesehan

90 camp T-shirts: Jennifer Hall

2 bunk mattresses: Connie Helmich


Pottery mugs, serving platters, kitchen utensils: Dale & Liane Maddox

Microwave oven: Ken & June Andrews

Framed copy of Luther's 95 Theses: Christina Phelps

Ceiling fan in Trinity Church: David & Heidi Cox

Archery storage building: Aaron & Maggie Davis

Commercial leaf blower: Aaron & Maggie Davis

Dump trailer: Paul Easterday

Box fan: Patti Airoldi

Bunk mattress: Wes Settle

Bunk mattress: Anonymous

Archery target faces: Chris & Connie Helmich

Volleyball: John Macauley

5 playground balls: Esther Mahnken

Blodgett commercial convection oven: Anonymous

1,000 business cards: Lenard Cockman

Automatic External Defibrillator: Scott & Berta Wiesehan

Commercial dishwasher, faucet sprayer: St. Paul Lutheran Church, Paducah, Ky.

Trebuchet: Paul Easterday & Our Savior Lutheran Church, Cabot

2 kayaks, paddles: Erin Cox & Geoff David

Rubber kitchen floor mats: Erin Cox & Geoff David

Gaga ball pit: Paul Easterday & Our Savior Lutheran Church, Cabot

4 sets baggo boards: Erickson family

Light fixtures for shop: Henry Jones


80 Walking sticks: Ed Wiesehan & Scott Wiesehan

2 tetherballs: Rebecca Weeks

Garbage disposal: Scott & Roberta Wiesehan

4 overhead doors for the Cave: Erin Cox & Geoff David

Overhead door for the Cave: Erickson family

Overhead door for the Cave: Arkansas Youth Leaders

90 camp T-shirts: Jennifer Hall

4 trees: Sam & Amelie Koenig

Plants, flowers: Fern Bess, Nelda Huff, Scott & Roberta Wiesehan

2 supply carts: Rev. Mark Tooley

2 Lanterns: Rev. Mark Tooley

19th century pump organ: Henry & Kay Jones

Power Washer: Dr. Clay Sherrod

American flag: Cate "Gingersnap" McCool

Shop doors: Henry Jones

3 Archery targets, stands, target faces: Erin Cox & Geoff David

2 archery target faces: Chris Helmich

12 bunk mattresses: Megan "Echo" Kobs, Cate "Gingersnap" McCool, Erin Cox

5 room dividers: Cate "Gingersnap" McCool


Propane heater: Arkansas Youth Leaders

Walkie talkies: Arkansas Youth Leaders

Leaf rakes: St. John's Lutheran Church, Lafe

Garden tools: Salem Lutheran Ministries, Springdale

Megaphone: Arkansas Youth Leaders

Cold drink dispensers: Sandy Shaw

Arrows: Aimee "Dakota" Anderson; Chris & Amy Benya

Tableware, 4 dozen pieces: Rusty Dorn

2 archery targets: Erickson family

4 raised grills for campground: Erickson family

6-foot stepladder: Erickson family

HP printer/copier/fax: Dr. Clay Sherrod

300 sq ft flagstone: Billy Vance

Riding lawnmower: Peter & Janelle Cox

Push lawnmower: Peter & Janelle Cox

Solar generator: Peter & Janelle Cox

Big easy chair: Ken & June Andrews

Coffee table: Henry Jones

10 chairs for deck: David & Heidi Cox

Tiller: Sam Koenig

Metal shop building: Shane Engebrecht

Chipper/Mulcher: Ed & Ellen Wiesehan


HP Laser Printer: Alvin Drittler

Chainsaw: Alvin Drittler

Two weed trimmers: Shane Knoernschild

Electronic keyboard: Lee Kelm

Leather work gloves (20 pairs): Othel Bruce

Refrigerator: Jeremy Jones & Laura Sisterhen

Regrigerator: David & Heidi Cox

Printer: Alvin Drittler

Two cabin mattresses: Anonymous

Kitchen mixer, attachments, frying pans: LWML, Hope Lutheran Church

100 folding chairs: Peace Lutheran Church, Conway

Volleyballs: Karl Lenser

Basketballs: Karl Lenser

Footballs: Karl Lenser, Will Cox

Indian blankets: Patti Airoldi

Creation videos: Tatiana "Chop" Freeburger


Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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