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Replacing the camp manager's home


The Davis children, from left: Gwyneth, 12; Arthur, 1; Joseph, 6; Lottie, 9; Jane, 4.

Camp Operations Manager Aaron Davis and his family have had to move out of their home at Camp Trinity and into temporary housing offsite for their health and safety. The Davis family resided in the home 4 years. They were the eighth household of camp directors and managers to occupy the double-wide mobile home since it was purchased in the early years of the camp.

The Camp Trinity Board of Directors had already voted to begin a capital campaign to replace the mobile home after the discovery of a leak in the wall behind a shower, which revealed rotted wood and mold in the floor and wall. This prompted a more comprehensive inspection of the home, which exposed many other problems requiring expensive repairs. The septic system, carpet, porch, deck, furnace, roof, and exterior doors frames all needed replacement immediately or in the near future. The siding, soffit and fascia were coming apart. The board agreed that it would be poor stewardship to fund all the repairs in the aging structure.

Then a series of environmental tests revealed dangerous levels of toxic mold, the likely culprit in multiple health problems with at least one of the Davis children, at which point the family moved out. This added urgency to the effort to replace the home.

The old home has been removed and the new home was delivered in November. It has been placed farther back from both Montgomery Trace and Trinity Loop (the main road into camp) and a little farther down the hill so it will be less visible to motorists driving by and guests entering the camp.

The goal is to raise $175,000— enough to cover the cost of the home, site preparation, septic system, porch and deck, as well as mortgage loan costs. As of Dec. 10, 2023, funds raised totaled nearly $75,000. We invite friends of Camp Trinity to join us in this effort to provide a new home for the camp manager and his family — wife Maggie and children Gwyneth, Lottie, Joseph, Jane and Arthur. The home should also serve future managers and directors for decades to come.

Donors can give by check (mark "Manager's home" in the memo line) or by credit card using a PayPal button on the home page of this website.

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